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 There is a true gladness us that you have chosen to visit our home page.

‘’I-Mebeles’’ is a private production of furniture’s, which is founded in March, 2004. year. We work only with materials and modern technology of a high class, let give a high quality guarantee all goods. Price accordingly appeared depending on client desires and select materials. Bear fruit corps furniture’s and furniture’s of array wooden. Make kitchen, bedrooms and bath rooms hung, as also furniture living rooms and antechambers. Comfort of clients, ordering furniture’s, offer to acquire a conformable build household technique. After the orders of the legal persons execute the production of furniture’s of houses of bureaus, shops and guests also. Bear fruit also the rooms of device children and make wooden toys - with the largest gladness and fascination we help to you to realize your child or your sleeps.

There is possibility you with to project furniture’s of home page helps or we will help to you with making of interior projects, as also we will recommend to you the most suitable materials, furniture’s, design decisions and household technique.

Hope, that we can justify Your sleeps for furniture’s in Your dwelling: for a kitchen, in which it is pleasant to bustle about, for a dining-room or living room, in which going to meet family and friends, for a nursery from which sound the by infantile indomitable laughter’s, and for a work place, in which mixed to work, and certainly for bedrooms, in which to rest from an ordinary haste and give oneself up tender sleeps.


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